Critique of Archaeological Reason
11. Data handling

The DABI program

Bernardo Forni – October 2022

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Digital Analysis of Bibliographical Information (in short DABI), is a Python program that aids in writing websites and digital bibliographies (this system has been created and implemented by Bernardo Forni. It generates static HTML files from Markdown pages (“.md”) and a flat-file databases (“.d”).

Each page and database has associated metadata information at the top of the file, this data is used to make connections between the different informations. For example it is used to generate entries in the authorship, the search functionality, the indices, links to and from the bibliography.

The content of pages and databases are in Markdown, the philosophy of this language is to be as easy-to-read and easy-to-write as is feasible. For an introduction to the syntax refer to this cheatsheet.

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The author of the code is Bernardo Forni, you are welcome to write me for any questions about the program.

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