Critique of Archaeological Reason
11. Data handling

Intermediate output

Giorgio Buccellati – May 2017

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The database

From the individual input files, the program creates two sigle files, one for the bibliography and another for the notes (more will be created eventually, as the program is expanded to process data from the other sections of the website as well). These files retain the exact same ASCII format of the input files, but are organized internally in the proper sequence. In this sense they serve as a database, all in plain ASCII format, with plain ASCII identifiers (as shown in the input section).

These files serve then as the input for the browser edition, including all the indices. This is also produced by the DABI program.

Just like the input files, this intermediate file is not publicly accessible (its content is identical to that of the browser edition), but remains available for possible future use by different programs and on different platforms.

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Corrections are made directly on the intermediate output file, the “database”, by one of the editors.

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