Critique of Archaeological Reason

10. Website authorship

May 2023

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The website has been conceived and designed by Giorgio Buccellati, who also serves currently as main editor and coordinates the research done by the various contributors.

Laerke Recht serves as Associate Editor. Besides contributing extensively to the substantive part of the website, she has maintained overall control of the operational aspects of the project and has helped in defining the format of the individual sections.

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IT specialists

Bernardo Forni has written the program that produces the various outputs in browser format from input files in plain ASCII entries. Since 2016, he also manages the IT aspects of the website.

David Truong managed the server from 2013 until 2016.

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Several collaborators have worked and are currently working on individual entries for the website. Identification of authorship is of particular importance, and in the website this is done in two parallel ways.

(1) Each page or section of a page records the name of the author and the date. This applies also for short individual records as is the case of the notes. Where an entry is not so labeled, the main editor is responsible for it.

(2) In this section, the links in the left side bar refer to a page devoted to each individual contributor who has worked on this digital resource. In these author pages, a complete list is given of all entries they have authored, including single footnotes. These indices are produced by the DABI program.

Collaboration to the website is possible in the form of a a monitored forum. Details are given in the section on data handling.

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