A Critique of Archaeological Reason
Structural, Digital and Philosophical Aspects
of the Excavated Record

Editor: Giorgio Buccellati
Associate editor: Laerke Recht

Editorial Board:
Federico Buccellati, Freie Universität Berlin
Eric Kansa, Open Context
Diederik Meijer, Universiteit Leiden
Willeke Wendrich, University of California Los Angeles
Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Open Context

     A critical assessment of archaeology and its publications, this website looks at archaeology qua archaeology, i. e., at the conceptual underpinnings of what archaeologists do that no one else does. Theory and methods are thus seen not in terms of other conceptual domains (social, aesthetic, etc.), but rather in terms of what is properly and exclusively based on archaeological reason. As a “critique,” it aims to clarify methodological presuppositions, whether or not they have been made explicit by the various authors.

     It also aims to show (1) how thus limiting our understanding of the nature of archaeology can have a major impact on contemporary thought, and (2) how the digital dimension is intrinsically built into archaeology.


1. Introduction
2. The book
3. Notes


4. Bibliography
5. Excerpts
6. Reviews
7. Themes
8. Monographs

9. Indices
10. Authorship
11. Data handling
12. Archives

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Version 1a: June 2021
ISBN: 978-0-89003-131-5

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